Soldiers Save Lives: Empowering Israeli Soldiers with Essential Support

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Soldiers Save Lives is an exceptional organization dedicated to supporting soldiers in Israel by providing them with essential items. Formed in memory of David Newman, a brave soldier who made the ultimate sacrifice, this organization aims to ensure that soldiers have the necessary equipment and supplies they need to carry out their duties effectively and safely. Through their tireless efforts, Soldiers Save Lives is making a significant impact on the lives of soldiers and their families.

Mission and Impact:

The mission of Soldiers Save Lives is to enhance the well-being of Israeli soldiers by providing them with essential items that are often overlooked or not provided by the military. These items include helmets, thermals, portable chargers, sleeping bags, and first aid kits. By equipping soldiers with these vital supplies, the organization enables them to perform their duties more efficiently, ensuring their safety and increasing their effectiveness on the field.

The organization’s impact is far-reaching. Through their donations, Soldiers Save Lives has not only improved the comfort and safety of soldiers but also boosted their morale. Knowing that their country stands behind them and cares for their well-being has a profound psychological effect on soldiers, reinforcing their commitment to protecting Israel.

Ongoing Efforts and Donations:

While Soldiers Save Lives has made significant strides in supporting soldiers, there are still essential items that need to be provided. The organization actively encourages people to donate and get involved in their mission to support soldiers. Monetary contributions are used to purchase necessary items, ensuring that soldiers receive the best quality equipment. Additionally, the organization accepts physical donations of new or gently used items, allowing individuals to make a tangible difference.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Soldiers Save Lives also offers volunteer opportunities for those who wish to contribute their time and skills to the cause. Volunteers can assist with fundraising events, organize donation drives, or even provide administrative support. By volunteering, individuals can directly contribute to the organization’s efforts and play a vital role in supporting soldiers.


Soldiers Save Lives is a remarkable organization that is making a profound impact on the lives of Israeli soldiers. By providing essential items and support, the organization ensures that soldiers are equipped and cared for, enabling them to carry out their duties effectively and safely. Through donations and volunteer efforts, Soldiers Save Lives continues to make a difference in the lives of those who selflessly serve their country. It is through the collective efforts of individuals and organizations like Soldiers Save Lives that we can express our gratitude and support for the brave men and women who protect our nations. Let us join hands and stand together to empower our soldiers and honor their sacrifice.